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Air Filter for Epson Projectors

Prolong the Life of Your Epson Projector by changing Air Filter

We recommended that you change your Epson Projector Air Filter whenever you replace your Projector Lamp as Epson’s filters are charged with electrostatic and overtime, they will loose their charge and  their ability to trap dust. If dust accumulates on the air filter or goes through the air filter, it can cause the internal temperature of the projector to rise, and this can lead problems with operation and shorten the lamp and optical engine’s service life. 

The good news is the air filters for Epson projectors are good-value for money.  Air Filters for G -Series projectors range from $14+ GST to $50+GST  and air filter for Z-series projectors range from $85 +GST to $180 + GST.  

NB:  It is not recommended to clean the filter.