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Considerations for Digital Signage Implementation

A digital signage network can serve as a key communication channel between administrators and student to provide information such as:

  • Campus Event Schedules
  • Menus at Campus Dining Facilities
  • Wayfinding
  • Emergency Notifications/ Improve Emergency Response
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Announce School Policies
  • Promote Academic Seminars
  • Recognize Outstanding Performance
  • Sell/ Market continuing education programmes to visitors
  • Where to go for help or what resources are available when feeling stressed/depressed
  • Campus Security
  • Health & Safety Information
  • News, XML feeds for local weather etc
  • Registration and Open Day

So what are the considerations?



Outline exactly what the technology should accomplish. Is the main goal of the deployment to serve as a communication tool on campus? Will it serve a wayfinding function? Is it a system that will provide emergency alerts? Or a combination of any or all of those?

It’s important to not just look at what the goals are for six months out, but to also consider what their goals may be a year or even five years into the future.



Ensure the product fits the application. Too many schools look to low-end retail displays and computers for their digital signage system. The money that they save today will increase their costs in the future.

One factor an institution needs to consider when choosing software, however, is to ensure that the software can be expanded to service a growing network.

Schools should make a wish list of system features that they may want to use and make sure that there is a plan to cover and address all of those future needs.


3.  CONTENT      

Who will supply and manage the content?  In-house or 3rd party ?