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Audio Visual Solutions for Sales, Installation, Consulting, Hire, Maintenance and Service

Installation System

Can’t hear what’s going on, can’t get your message across! Get our Audio Visual consultants out to visit you at your work place to find a solution for you!

Amplifiers – Powering your presentation, delivering sound quality and reliability for those critical meetings. Giving you the ability to talk via microphones over the top of your power point presentations, training video or DVD.

Microphones Vocal, Lectern, Boundary and Desk Paging Microphones – For entertainment and professional sound reinforcement. Available for a range of applications providing a flat, wide range frequency response for uncoloured sound reproduction.

Wireless Microphones – Total flexibility and maneuverability for your presentation or function. Available in single or multi channel systems.

Speakers – For a range of applications where sound quality and modern design meets. Box-mounted or in-ceiling enclosures can be installed to get your message across.

Hearing Assistance – Can you hear every word in the auditorium? Induction Loop maybe ideal with proven reliability.

Volume Controls - How to turn it down! Now that you can finally hear everybody and see what is going on.